Top Methanol Dragster For Sale – Ready to Race

PSR – TMD Dragster
the best ET 5.36 262 M/H
286“ Wheelbase (2014 Update), Chassis Chromium molybdenum steel 471 CUinch BAE Engine (Billet)
Bryant Crank (Billit), JE Piston (new), GRP – Rods (new)
Systen 1 Billet Oil Pump + Filter
PSI Blower (new Cert.)
10,5 Stange Top Loader, Carbon Bracks, Crower Clunch, Titanium Small Stands 10“ Lenco CS2 3 Speed
Racepak Data Recorder (new)
2 x RCD Starter + Battariepacks + charger
2 Toolboxes ( Front + Rear)
Pro Tach System
Tirecovers, Dragster Cover (Waterproof), Engine Cover
EM – shut off Systems

plus Spareparts
complete BAE Engine inclusive Ignition + Header + Rockers+ Manifold

Lenco Transmission complete + different Gear and Spareparts
complete Clunch (new)
PSI Blower + Carbon Bird Catcher
1 Set Frontwheels and Tires
2 Set Rearwheels and Tires
1 x Fueltank
2 Sets of GRP Rods ( new )
2 Sets of Piston, Ring and Pins (JE)
1 Set BAE Sleevers
4 Camshafts from Crane and Crower
1 Ring and Pinion 10.5“ Strange (new)
2 Ring and Pinion 10.5“ (used)
1 Set of Bearing + Sparparts (Strange )
1 Set Breakcalipers, Main Break Cylinder and Carbon Pads
1 Clutchpedal
1 Set Fuelline, Fuelsystem and Pump
1 Set Breaklines and Oellines
2 Set Push and Pull cables
1 Crankshaft (10 Runns)
1 lot of Engine Bearings (Main and Rod)
1 lot of Spark Plugs NGK
1 lot of Engine Spare Parts (BAE)
1 Set Camshaftbearing
1 lot of Crower Trans Spareparts, (Sprang, Clutches, AirServer and more
1 lot of Electro Motion Spare Parts, Cable and more
1 Set Headers
1 Set Valvesprings + Titanium Valves Kipers
1 Lot of MSD Ignition Parts (Coils, Elecreobox, Cables, Caps and more)